version 17 ~ the sacred sea


the basics

Hi! I'm Robin, also known as CuriousLittleBird (or some permutation of that name) across the Internet. I'm a late-thirties lady who has been creating fansites since 2003, now coming back to this art form after many years away (mostly spent scrolling on social media, LOL).

Along with creating the (very) occasional fansite, I also write original short stories, poetry, and piano/vocal music, as well as working on a fantasy novel series. By day, I am the lead tutor at my local community college, supporting students who are training for four-year colleges and jobs...and I'm also beginning to give talks on topics that will hopefully change the way we educate for the better.

behind my sites

My fansites are intentionally focused around WHY I enjoy what I do. I love to dig into my favorite media of choice, find the core issue or idea, and expand on it. (See: my Cinderella site and its larger topic of abuse survival, and my Bing Bong site and its larger topic of grieving the death of childhood.) These sites are a way for me to explore the deeper emotional currents that draw us to media and help it stick with us.

I am not, however, quite as skilled at the visual and graphics side of web design and development, so my sites are pretty content-heavy, more like collections of essays than anything. Oh well, you can take the girl out of the English major program, but you can't take the English major program out of the girl, LOL! My aim is to make my sites an enjoyable read that provides a brand-new perspective.


Outside of creative work, I am married, comfortably childless, a mentor to my younger coworkers and a happy "adopted aunt" to many who are not blood but are family. My husband and I have recently become avid used-bookstore shoppers, making day trips to all the hidden gems in our neck of the woods. (I do love to travel, but there is something comforting about sleeping in your own bed after a day of travel, too.)

I also watch a lot of educational YouTube videos on all sorts of topics, such as extreme weather, how religions form, wild historical events, educational reform, mental health, decluttering, and realistic minimalism. But I also like to put on random AskReddit thread videos in the background when I'm bored or playing a game. Sometimes I just need to turn my brain off! LOL