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meet the lady

Hello! My name is Robin, and I'm the creator of withinmyworld.org.

Hello there!

I am 32 years old (I like to think of it as Level 32),
and I am a writer, composer, and webdesigner.

I prefer computers, but hey, whatever floats your boat
sometimes I feel like this while practicing
note: not actual speed of writing code

I didn't realize I did so much work with my hands!

I am currently writing my first 3 novels, and I have also done blogging, too.

what a snazzy hat, right??

I'm self-taught in all things webdesign/web development,
but I have fun and learn a lot from building these sites.
and I also really love GIFs, apparently

party hard y'all

I love to laugh and I love to make others happy.
No matter what else I do, my work is based around that.
So I sincerely hope you enjoy what I have made!

me being hopeful!

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