version 17 ~ the sacred sea



WithinMyWorld.org was officially born on December 8th, 2004, with the mission of housing all my pursuits of fandom. At the time, I was a college student majoring in English literature and composition, and I had a thriving online life making hobby fansites within a big community.

name inspiration

It was really difficult to come up with a fitting domain name at first--I knew the sort of feeling I wanted, a flowing, ethereal aesthetic that was flexible enough to include any fandom I might ever get into, but I couldn't put words to it for a while. Then, almost as an afterthought, I looked at the title of a song I had recently written: "Within My World." I realized then that this title could easily represent my domain, since it was a world I was creating for myself online. It felt meant to be, and still does nearly twenty years later.

brief history

WMWorg has morphed many times over the years, moving from housing purely fansites in 2004-2007, then becoming a short-lived graduate school portfolio in 2008-2009, and then finally into a blend of real-life sites and fansites in 2010, where it stands today. I have taken down some of my oldest sites, but the domain is still a bit of a time capsule, as a few of the sites date back to my mid-twenties (and I have not had the inclination to revamp any of the content, LOL).

Currently, I've got ideas for reviving some of my older site topics, making entirely new sites with a deeper focus, but that's all dependent on time and brain energy (which can be in short supply, given my work with students comes first). Whatever I choose to do with site content in the future, my vision for this little space on the Internet is to consistently share original and creative content that makes others think and enjoy learning about something new.

layout information

The water-themed Version 17, the sacred sea, has been an idea since 2009, when I first sketched out a layout idea on printer paper featuring stylized bubbles. Though it's been in development hell for several years as I strove to find motivation for making sites again, it's become one of my favorite layouts for its beautiful background image, the range of blues and blue-greens used, and the relatively uncluttered design.

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