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Debating Getting Out of Fanlistings

As I’ve started to putter around fixing up my fanlistings page, I’ve found that almost half of my links are broken, and of those broken fanlistings, many have been simply shut down and not restarted elsewhere. It’s going to be a lot of work to revamp it all, which has made me question the value of keeping a joined fanlistings page in the first place.

I never really got into fanlistings much, not like many of my compatriots in webdesign–I pretty much just hopped on the bandwagon because everyone else did. I don’t host any of my own anymore, and haven’t for years; my fanlistings page is a glorified page of links which I have to keep policing and relinking. But in a way I hate the thought of going through and removing my memberships from all those various sites, and I kinda like having a place to display my favorite things… I just don’t know if I want my list of favorite things to be completely dependent on other webdesigners’ choices to keep their sites alive or not.

I’m going to give this more thought…what do you think?

Thinking of Making a Radio

Mostly inspired by the radio at, I’ve been thinking about making my own radio for, since I love music very much and I have a wide and eclectic taste in music.

Not really sure how to go about it, though. I did find a cool site called, which makes your own Internet radio, so I might try that out in the next couple of days. If that doesn’t work out like I think it should…well, Google and Bing might direct me towards some answers. ^_^

Random Page and Image Hoarding?

I admit it.  I hoard like crazy.  And apparently, I don’t just hoard random things in my house–I hoard digital things on this domain.

Exhibit A:  One “welcome” image from version 8 (EIGHT!!), about ten million years ago.  Why did I not get rid of it?  Who knows.  XD

Exhibit B:  6 pages that I combined into my current “webmistress” page and forgot to delete…or was afraid to delete because I didn’t know if they were still in use.  SAD.

And finally, Exhibit C:  an old old old old OLD javascript file from, I believe, version 5.  REALLY?

…  -_-  *sigh*

Just as in real life, I am hopeless at organizing digital files.  BUT!  That will change.

…Tomorrow.  XD