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New Site: SiteMotif!

I am happy to announce that my old, outdated webdesign tutorials site has been reborn as SiteMotif, a curated links list of helpful webdesign resources. Check it out–it’s a single page wonder!

Also, apparently giving myself super specific public to-do lists makes me hugely productive. This is my 5th February update! :O I should make public to-do lists more often… xD

(Note: I tried to sweep my domain clear of old links to the webdesign tuts site, but if I missed a link, let me know 😀 Thank you!)

Unusual Elsa Fansite is Live!

YAY! After a good bit of work, I finally uploaded my unusual Elsa site, called Gifted! Check it out–it’s not just a character study, but offers a look at Elsa’s character in the context of education and nurturing. (I drew on all my former-teacher brain cells for this one!)

I hope you like it! Let me know what you think!