version 17 ~ the sacred sea


Why have a whole fansite domain in 2023 when most fandom activities are happening on social media? Precisely because it's all happening mostly on social media.

I didn't really understand until recently how social media sites have taken over the internet I remember; it was funny at first to see the same content echoed on five different sites, but after a while, seeing only the same five sites gets dull. This website, especially this new refresh of it, is my attempt to sharpen myself, to return to the vivacious creativity I used to have. My voice in fandom has been silenced by the glut of conversations being had about all fandoms all at once...it's time for me to figure out what I believe on my own again.

But I don't want to just create a wiki page; those already exist and are already well-researched and updated. My aim now is to create sites based on unusual takes on fandom, and I don't want to publish one until I'm certain that the take is good and unique. I also want my domain to be a place of rest among the billions of websites out there. Most sites now want something from the user--their clicks, their money, their engagement. I would like my site to be the opposite: a site that gives you something you didn't know you needed till you got it.

So this is why I'm still here on my own domain, figuring out where it belongs in this very different era of Internet. I won't claim I've got it figured out, because I most certainly do not. But the attempt is being made and I can be proud of that. (And if you'd like to join me and many other hobbyists in creating your own little haven on the Internet, check out my beginner's page!)