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welcome to withinmyworld.org, the main hub for all sites created by Robin. Scroll down to learn more about this site and about me, as well as links to my creations and other cool places around the Web.

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This domain is a repository of small sites about all the things I find lovely and interesting. From decluttering to Disney, college prep to comics, Animal Crossing to anime, you'll find surprisingly in-depth tributes and thoughtful analyses on these topics and more.

I came up with the name "withinmyworld.org" in late 2004, just before purchasing the domain; I had just finished writing a song by the same name and loved how the title rolled off the tongue. The phrase "within my world" also encompassed the future scope of the domain--I wanted it to be my personal online world, structured page by page, link by link. So, on December 8th of 2004, I purchased hosting with SurpassHosting and registered this name with GoDaddy; in October of 2018, I moved hosts, making WithinMyWorld.org's new home on the lovely TeaCake.org.

This current vintage-esque layout (version sixteen, "bygone elegance") has been in the works as long as I've been trying to learn parallax design (and that's a LONG time). After struggling for months to learn how to make a parallax layout on my own, I finally found a tutorial that made sense, and ran with its demo, changing what I needed to change along the way. The floral theme was inspired by the Flower Garden Layout Marathon, and it fits the "vintage" aesthetic I was originally shooting for quite well.

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about me

Hello there! I am Robin, a young woman in my early thirties--proud nerd/geek, Tar Heel native, UNCG alum, and multipotentialite. I'm generally highly distractible, easily amused/moved to tears, and always having wacky dreams--in short, most likely ADHD, like Jessica McCabe of How to ADHD. MBTI personality tests depict me as either ENFJ or ENFP depending on my mood. I suffered multiple instances of abuse and trauma, leaving me with PTSD, which I completed EMDR therapy for in February of 2018. But thankfully, I am engaged to a wonderful and supportive man I've been with since 2008. ♥

Outside of my dabblings in webdesign, I write (both words and music), take private singing lessons, read fantasy and sci-fi, watch Netflix and YouTube, and do a bit of gaming (tabletop and digital) from time to time. Though I'm not much of an athlete, epicurean, or thrill-seeker, I love cats, forests, dusk, books, music, naps, the Internet, technology, and making others laugh. I have perfect pitch and sound-color synesthesia, both of which work together to color my life with shades of awesome. Math and I have an uneasy truce at the best of times, as I score best in linguistic & musical intelligence, but I also enjoy learning about astronomy and meteorology, too.



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