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Fanlistings Site Gone

After some thought, I decided to go ahead and get rid of the fanlistings site. It’s the end of an era here at, but perhaps that era has been ended for a long time before now anyway.

For now, I’m not sure what I’ll replace the fanlistings site with, if anything; to be honest, my Tumblr and Pinterest accounts pretty much cover all that my fanlistings ever did (and more besides). Perhaps the fanlistings page idea can be resurrected in a new form…I just haven’t figured out quite what it will be yet. What have my fellow webdesigners come up with in the wake of fanlistings?

Removed: MTG Trades Page

Finally got around to removing my MTG trades database–I got tired of trying to make the database script work, and I was no longer interested in trying to maintain it. Hopefully sometime in the future I’ll learn how to make a searchable PHP database, but for now it was more important to tidy up the domain.

As far as I know, I’ve removed all the links to the trades database–if you find a stray one lingering around, leave me a comment 🙂

Gone: Delicious and Livejournal

After much deliberation and soul-searching (okay, more like apathy and frustration), I deleted and purged my Delicious and Livejournal accounts, so the Network page displays two less links. Two less profiles to keep up with, two less sites to update on slow-as-molasses internet. Also, two less things I have to update.

I got rid of the Delicious account because it took about 45 minutes to load just the start page on dialup, and I already have a Stumbleupon account, so I don’t really need two link-saving services. I got rid of my LJ because most of the people I followed on there are fairly inactive, and I don’t really blog about my everyday life anymore–at least, not in so many words. These days, there are Facebook statuses (stati?) for that.

I am contemplating, however, creating a personal Tumblr at some point, mainly to reblog interesting things I find on the Internets. Anything that’s not about my boring and repetitive life, or way too personal for my comfort, would be okay with me. 😛