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New Site: Declutter!

After a whirlwind of inspiration hit a couple of nights ago, here is my newest baby site: Declutter! It’s GIF-heavy, hilarious, and inspiring all rolled in one little HTML page.

Declutter was born from the year-long project I’ve undertaken at my house, to finally purge my closets and house of all the junk that has accumulated over time. It’s taken a long time and I’m nowhere near done, but I’m already feeling better, and hopeful about getting it all done by the end of the year.

I hope that this little site will serve as a funny bit of inspiration for those who want to start decluttering but haven’t quite worked up the energy to do so. YOU CAN DO IT!! If this hoarder can be reformed, anyone can! XD

New Site: SiteMotif!

I am happy to announce that my old, outdated webdesign tutorials site has been reborn as SiteMotif, a curated links list of helpful webdesign resources. Check it out–it’s a single page wonder!

Also, apparently giving myself super specific public to-do lists makes me hugely productive. This is my 5th February update! :O I should make public to-do lists more often… xD

(Note: I tried to sweep my domain clear of old links to the webdesign tuts site, but if I missed a link, let me know 😀 Thank you!)

Skies Over Atlas Updated!

Woohoo! Finally got the new Skies Over Atlas look finished, and I added a SaveCoH (Save City of Heroes) page to it as well! Check out the screenshot below (and click it to open a bigger version in a new window):


I will continue to do work behind the scenes, tidying up content, reformatting, etc., but for now, the site has a fresh design and a new page, and I am pleased with that. 😀 😀 😀 Take a look, browse around, and let me know what you think!

Puttering Around WithinMyWorld.org

Got most of the little fixes complete around the site–still have to work out the odd spacing issue on the webdesign tutorials mini-site, but everything else looks shipshape and Bristol fashion. 😛

Well, except that I forgot to write up version 13’s inspiration paragraph, and I accidentally broke one of the affiliate links… ;_; Okay, okay, I’m continuing to putter around fixing stuff. xD

Let me know what you think about all the various layouts–I did a whole slew of them, for the main domain, the webmistress page, and the Surviving College article series, as well as the webdesign tutorials, as I mentioned above, the links page, the network page, and even the joined fanlistings page. I challenged myself, in each of these layouts, to use colors that don’t usually get used together, and use icon navigation instead of text links. How’d I do? Let me know in the comments!