This page is both an “Upcoming Sites” list and a “To-Do List.”  (Both are meant to kick my webdesigning bug into high gear :P)

Overall 2017 Goals

Month-by-Month Goals

  • May: Write articles for Something Good
  • June: Animal Crossing site for Amassment‘s Fictional Worlds Challenge
  • July: Gather pictures for Absentia
  • August: Update The Gamer’s Repose (Google Fonts, revisions)
  • September: Update Skies over Atlas (Google Fonts, revisions)
  • October: Princess Peach Toadstool (Super Mario Bros. series)
  • November: Fainne (Sevenwaters book series)
  • December: New layout for

Site Ideas

  • Egwene al’Vere (Wheel of Time series)
  • Kahlan Amnell (Sword of Truth series)
  • Isabeau NicFaghan (The Witches of Eileanan series)

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