Happy 7th Birthday, WithinMyWorld.org!

Today is seven years to the day since I bought my domain name, my first (and hopefully only, given the current status of my pocketbook). In the winter of 2004, I was in the midst of college finals and desperately wanted to do something for myself, and I had been thinking for months about buying my own domain name at last.

So, on my birthday, December 8th, 2004, in between preparing for the huge whompin’ exam I had that night and eating birthday cake left over from the previous night’s party, I registered withinmyworld.org at GoDaddy for ~$10/year, and bought $4.95/month hosting over at SurpassHosting. Then I began the process of transferring all my files over from my $8.95/month Tripod account. The whole registering/hosting service thing took about 3 or 4 hours to complete; I wisely studied for my exam afterwards, and waited on changing all the files over until after the LOL-final was over.

The first site that I had on the main domain was mainly a portal and small personal-site-ish content, and its only “daughter” site was my Yu-Gi-Oh! site, now defunct. Now, 7 years later, WMW.org has grown, changed, and had many more little ones to gather under its wings. …Hard to imagine how it will have changed in 7 more years!

Happy birthday, WithinMyWorld.org, you sweet old friend. Thanks for containing my blathering all these years. May there be many more blathery years to come!

2 thoughts on “Happy 7th Birthday, WithinMyWorld.org!”

  1. I swear, domain birthdays really are special. It’s not just a name. Every year your domain turns a year older, you feel good inside. It’s like having a child and watching it grow. ^_^

    7 years is a special time. Happy belated birthday to WithinMyWorld.org, definitely one of the coolest domain names I’ve heard of!! 😀

    lol, the combination of buying a domain while eating birthday cake makes me very happy and hungry. Time to go light that Birthday Cake Yankee Candle! =D

    Also, so sad to hear you had a Yugi site that is gone!! ;n; There are not enough Yu-Gi-Oh! sites. ^_^U

    1. Thank you for the domain birthday wishes! 😀 😀 Yeah, eating cake and buying hosting/domain names is a fun combo of pastimes. Noms + creativity. 😀

      I have thought about bringing back some of my old sites in an archival form…but that depends on my files being recoverable from my dead/fried hard drive. HMMmmmm…it might be something I could think about for the future!

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