Maintaining Course

With the bulk of my files far away and possibly unrecoverable, I can’t do much on my site, but there isn’t much TO do. But never fear! I’m keeping up with as much as I can, and I plan to keep adding things as necessary.

One of the projects I’ll be working on in the background is reformatting the College Knowledge section of my main site–the text, I have realized, looks a bit imposing on the screen, so I want to break it up a little more to make it look more readable and interesting.

Meanwhile, my daughter sites don’t need a whole lot of updating at the moment–at least, to my eye. Check out my other sites and see if you’d like anything else to be added!

2 thoughts on “Maintaining Course”

  1. When do you find out if your HD is gonna make it?? It’s been some time now, it seems.

    So, when something like that happens, where do you send it? Is it expensive? *shivers* For the future, why don’t you try an external HD? Or is that the one that failed?

    Agh! Why are computers so amazing that we live or die by them! (at least, for me -o-)

    1. Since the HD crashed so close to Christmas, I doubt the data recovery company has even been able to look at it yet. I don’t expect to hear anything about it till after the holidays :/

      The company we sent it to is one out in St. Louis–they work on forensic data recovery. It is likely going to be expensive to recover the data–we won’t know exactly how much till we hear back.

      I should have backed up my data, but I didn’t dream my computer’s internal hard drive would die before it was 2 years old…it just caught me almost completely off-guard. :/ I only had one flash drive at the time it happened–I have since bought another to back up the first, and plan to find a reliable brand of external HD to further back up.

      I hate backing up data because it seems like I have to do it all day, every day (since I make numerous small changes to files every day). …But if it can save me this stress and anxiety, I’ll do it for the rest of my life!

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