Hard Drive Might Be Salvageable

Got some kinda-good-kinda-bad news about my hard drive today. Good news: they have not exhausted all options for recovering the data. Bad news: the options left are tres expensive. :/

It’s going to be about 740 bucks, all told, to even try to get back any of my data. BUT, if this works, I may get EVERYTHING back, or at least most of it…or part of it.

That’s the risky part. We don’t know how much can be saved, whether the disk will be further damaged by the retrieval attempts, or anything.

But if we don’t try, we definitely won’t get ANYTHING back, and I’ll have to start possibly from an old hard drive (from June 2010). And if that old hard drive doesn’t work anymore, I might have to start ALL over, losing 8 years of creative work. :O Yikes.

For me, there is no real choice here–we have to at least try, and I’m willing to pay the money (even though it hurts my poor poor pocketbook) to get back all that priceless work. So I’m going to let the data recovery company do all they can do, and pray for a good outcome. They know what they’re doing–I have to trust that God is guiding their hands. After all, this whole situation is in His hands anyway. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hard Drive Might Be Salvageable”


    But dude, if I were you, I’m right there with you–I’d charge it or wipe out my savings, but my computer is my life. It would be worth every penny.

    How long will it take them?

    Sweet baby Jesus, I hope to GOD they recover at least MOST of what you got because I know what losing everything is like.

    Endless nights of weeping lol *pats back*

  2. We’re not sure how long the process will take–we’re actually still trying to work out the up-front payment process. Hopefully they’ll get back to us on how to send the monies to them.

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