Yahooooooo New Computerrrrr

Yep, I has a new computer. 🙂 And her name is “Jo”. Let’s pray she’ll be as sturdy and talented as the book character for whom she is named!

In other news, I didn’t get any money for trading in “Meg,” “Amy,” and “Beth” (;_;), but Best Buy can use them for spare parts. :/ Oh well, at least I’m recycling!

2 thoughts on “Yahooooooo New Computerrrrr”

  1. I love buying a new computer! The most fun is setting up all the Settings and all these programs and shit you’ll never actually use, like the Address Book! lol

    Is it the computer you mentioned in your last update?

    Very nice of you to trade in your other computers for nothing, wow. I don’t think I could’ve done that.

    May this new computer last you forever. I haven’t heard of the brand. Is it any good? Just surprised I haven’t heard of it.

  2. Yeah, we did end up buying the Asus G75–it’s a beast for gaming and pretty much anything else you want to do on a computer. (Asus has been known more for computer parts rather than full computers, but it’s a really good brand, esp. for gaming computers.) 😀 Me likey so far. It’s bigger than my other laptops have been, but it won’t be taken as many places as my other ones were, so portability is not as big an issue.

    I wish I could have gotten some money for my other laptops, but the spare parts market is probably happy with me. At least the other non-working models are not cluttering up my house anymore–every little bit of clutter removed helps it look less like an archaeological dig in there. xD

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