Fanlistings Site Gone

After some thought, I decided to go ahead and get rid of the fanlistings site. It’s the end of an era here at, but perhaps that era has been ended for a long time before now anyway.

For now, I’m not sure what I’ll replace the fanlistings site with, if anything; to be honest, my Tumblr and Pinterest accounts pretty much cover all that my fanlistings ever did (and more besides). Perhaps the fanlistings page idea can be resurrected in a new form…I just haven’t figured out quite what it will be yet. What have my fellow webdesigners come up with in the wake of fanlistings?

4 thoughts on “Fanlistings Site Gone”

  1. I love this revamp on the updates page!!!!!!!!! I know that’s a lot of exclamation points, but I really do! Especially how it’s blue and there’s more than one update per page. Anyway, I don’t blame you for getting rid of FLs. Usually, I’ll create one, keep it up for like 6 months, then it dies, lol.

    I hope you find something cool to replace it with! Oh by the way I tried leaving anote in your GB, but it said it’s not accepting any new entries. This is what I wrote lol “OMG I just no realized you had a guestbook! Yay! Thanks for visiting my page ^0^ I’ve been so busy lately because I just bought a house, haven’t gotten the time to visit my normal blogroll. But I always love visiting your site because you have so many! xD <333 Okay, I'm gonna do more cyber stalking of your domain now! xD <333 you Robin"

    Lastly, do you still have your Crooked Glasses site? I was looking for the blog and I can't find it. I'll read back afew updates and see if maybe I missed somethin. Hope you didn't close it! :X
    <3 you Robin!

  2. Hey there! Glad you like the updates blog 😀 I will be changing out themes shortly to one that matches v14, but I will keep this theme around in case I want to change back. 🙂

    I definitely still have my blog– 😀 As far as I can tell, everything’s working really well on it. Let me know if you can’t view it or if something looks funky 🙂

    Also, I found out why my guestbook isn’t working–Dreambook is closing as of March 31st. Now I gotta scramble to find another guestbook that I don’t have to code! LOL

  3. Maybe I was blind, I couldn’t find the link. But thank you! 😀

    Oh no, had no idea they were closing! And after so long! If you can’t find a suitable guestbook, I can try to help you put up a php one like the one I have. 😀 Let me know!

  4. Actually, that would probably be a good idea, since most of the free guestbooks look pretty ad-ridden/cheap. I’ve never tried to code my own guestbook, so it’ll be an adventure 😀

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