Designing Version 13 and Other Things

While the loss of a year and a half of data is staggering, I am nevertheless working on Version 13’s designs for my domain, joined fanlistings, network, and network update blog (this thingamabob right here). Let’s just say that the new designs are…markedly different from version 12, but I believe it’s different in a good way.

Also, since I lost all of the data regarding Lux Perpetua (my Dove II fansite), I’m going to have to rebuild it from scratch. ;_; That is not cool, dude. At least I hadn’t scanned in but 5 issues… *sigh* But all my essays are gone, too–I’ll have to rewrite them all, and pray I remember all the content. Double ;_; .

And lastly, on a more positive note, I looking at possibly re-uploading some of my old-as-dirt anime and gaming shrines, in a kind of archival mode. (Since the last time I dealt with any of that stuff was back in 2008, the files from my June 2010 hard drive should still include those old site files.) I’ll probably edit the content down some so my rabid fangirlism isn’t as evident, but it would be nice to at least acknowledge my roots in webdesign. Who knows, I might even give each of the sites a fresh new design along the way. (Or I might just be lazy and upload them as-is. LOL)

2 thoughts on “Designing Version 13 and Other Things”

  1. I cannot WAIT to see version 13!!! Updating a primary domain layout is always exciting! Are you going to draw it by hand like this version?

    Ugh, rebuilding sites is usually the excuse I have for giving up on them. O_o

    YES for uploading old anime shrines!!!! YES! Best idea of the new year.

    xD Nothing wrong with rabid fangirlisms.

  2. V. 13 is going to have a much different feeling–more techno/sleek, with more icons, but not so far as to look like everything made by Apple.

    And I do really want to rebuild my Dove site–she’s my favorite comic book character ever, and I’ve been wanting to build a site for her for a looooonnnnnnggggggg time.

    Oh, and my fangirling may somewhat surpass “rabid”…xD it might frighten some visitors away. LOL

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