Preparing Sites for Updates!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work behind the scenes getting Skies Over Atlas and The Gamer’s Repose ready for updating. I’ve developed new layouts for both of them, and will launch them along with the new/improved content.

The Gamer’s Repose in particular will see heavy content editing, with some articles removed and others combined…I’m actually not sure how much will be jettisoned yet, but I do know I want the site to focus more on creative gaming than actually teaching about the games themselves. (On the other hand, I spent a lot of time writing these articles and am having a hard time deleting them…LOL, hoarder mentality strikes again!)

However, Skies Over Atlas will be getting mainly a facelift and a new content section on the SaveCoH movement…the new layout looks AWESOME, if I do say so myself. Plus, it’ll be nice to have a chance to comb back through the content and add/edit as I see fit!

Really excited about these updates–they have been delayed two years too long! Keep checking back here at WMWorg to see progress!