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Redesigned Novel Page! Go See It, It’s AWESOME :D

So, I’ve been racking my brain for a week trying to figure out how to redesign my novel page, and I finally did it!!!


LOOK AT THIS AMAZINGNESS!!! I can’t believe that I made something so elegant!

Actually, I had a lot of help–I wanted an update-able progress bar (i.e., something I didn’t have to create new in Photoshop every time I updated my book), and after a few seconds of Google searching, I found HTML5Doctor’s writeup of the <progress> tag, which showed how to use and style a progress bar. Then I checked the W3Schools article for a little bit more help, and that’s all I needed!

Anyhow, now my novel page is happily in the 21st century and easy to update. *commence ridiculous amounts of celebrating*

Novel Page Update!

I am definitely still writing my novel, and my novel page now reflects the most recent conditions! Can you believe I’ve got 168,000 words so far? 😀

(By the way, I’m not putting anything of my novel online to keep it from getting stolen, but you can keep up with how fast I’m writing it by looking at the novel page. ^_^)

Skies Over Atlas Updated!

Woohoo! Finally got the new Skies Over Atlas look finished, and I added a SaveCoH (Save City of Heroes) page to it as well! Check out the screenshot below (and click it to open a bigger version in a new window):


I will continue to do work behind the scenes, tidying up content, reformatting, etc., but for now, the site has a fresh design and a new page, and I am pleased with that. 😀 😀 😀 Take a look, browse around, and let me know what you think!

Preparing Sites for Updates!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work behind the scenes getting Skies Over Atlas and The Gamer’s Repose ready for updating. I’ve developed new layouts for both of them, and will launch them along with the new/improved content.

The Gamer’s Repose in particular will see heavy content editing, with some articles removed and others combined…I’m actually not sure how much will be jettisoned yet, but I do know I want the site to focus more on creative gaming than actually teaching about the games themselves. (On the other hand, I spent a lot of time writing these articles and am having a hard time deleting them…LOL, hoarder mentality strikes again!)

However, Skies Over Atlas will be getting mainly a facelift and a new content section on the SaveCoH movement…the new layout looks AWESOME, if I do say so myself. Plus, it’ll be nice to have a chance to comb back through the content and add/edit as I see fit!

Really excited about these updates–they have been delayed two years too long! Keep checking back here at WMWorg to see progress!

Network Page Look Finished!

Go check out the new network look in all its lavender, font-crazed glory! YAY IT WORKS!

Now all that is left is to create my new guestbook’s template (a monumental task because it involves a pile of stinking PHP I don’t care to dig through right now) and to upload the main domain’s version 14 look (which I don’t want to do while the guestbook is still left looking all default and bleh). That, and I have to write up a bit about v14, but I’ll do that once v14 is actually, y’know, live and stuff. LOL