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Redesigned Novel Page! Go See It, It’s AWESOME :D

So, I’ve been racking my brain for a week trying to figure out how to redesign my novel page, and I finally did it!!!


LOOK AT THIS AMAZINGNESS!!! I can’t believe that I made something so elegant!

Actually, I had a lot of help–I wanted an update-able progress bar (i.e., something I didn’t have to create new in Photoshop every time I updated my book), and after a few seconds of Google searching, I found HTML5Doctor’s writeup of the <progress> tag, which showed how to use and style a progress bar. Then I checked the W3Schools article for a little bit more help, and that’s all I needed!

Anyhow, now my novel page is happily in the 21st century and easy to update. *commence ridiculous amounts of celebrating*

Novel Page Update!

I am definitely still writing my novel, and my novel page now reflects the most recent conditions! Can you believe I’ve got 168,000 words so far? 😀

(By the way, I’m not putting anything of my novel online to keep it from getting stolen, but you can keep up with how fast I’m writing it by looking at the novel page. ^_^)

Whole Lotta Tidyin’ Goin’ On

Now that version 14 is finally (FINALLY) live, I’ve been able to putter around fixing up how certain pages appear within the confines of this new layout. Mostly I’ve fixed design bugs and changed information formatting, like on the following pages:

I’ve also improved the design on this news blog for better readability–greater separation between posts, a solid color behind the posts (finally figured out how to do it without messing up the rest of the layout), and some extra padding and font enlarging both in the posts and comments sections. YAY!

Fanlistings Site Gone

After some thought, I decided to go ahead and get rid of the fanlistings site. It’s the end of an era here at WMW.org, but perhaps that era has been ended for a long time before now anyway.

For now, I’m not sure what I’ll replace the fanlistings site with, if anything; to be honest, my Tumblr and Pinterest accounts pretty much cover all that my fanlistings ever did (and more besides). Perhaps the fanlistings page idea can be resurrected in a new form…I just haven’t figured out quite what it will be yet. What have my fellow webdesigners come up with in the wake of fanlistings?

Debating Getting Out of Fanlistings

As I’ve started to putter around fixing up my fanlistings page, I’ve found that almost half of my links are broken, and of those broken fanlistings, many have been simply shut down and not restarted elsewhere. It’s going to be a lot of work to revamp it all, which has made me question the value of keeping a joined fanlistings page in the first place.

I never really got into fanlistings much, not like many of my compatriots in webdesign–I pretty much just hopped on the bandwagon because everyone else did. I don’t host any of my own anymore, and haven’t for years; my fanlistings page is a glorified page of links which I have to keep policing and relinking. But in a way I hate the thought of going through and removing my memberships from all those various sites, and I kinda like having a place to display my favorite things… I just don’t know if I want my list of favorite things to be completely dependent on other webdesigners’ choices to keep their sites alive or not.

I’m going to give this more thought…what do you think?

Sitemap Fixed

In puttering around the site, I realized my sitemap was in BAD need of updating–thus, it is now tidied up! Woot for finally getting around to a random project that’s been probably out of date for about a year. (Snow days make for excellent web productivity days, especially when you’re aggressively avoiding other work)